How To Install A Bath Protection Rail

Often times the installation of bath protection rails could be a hindrance to incorporating this security product for yourself or family members. There is usually a great deal of concerns encompassing their successful installation. This informative article will supply methods and guidelines for an effective tub safety rail installation

The 2 main objects to consider for any effective installation incorporate locale and instruments. The placement and placement with the rail will decide which instruments is going to be needed. By way of example, applying a stud sensor will establish where by the wall studs are located for just a secure set up. Also, when installing a bath security rail on tile, one among two particular drill bits are advisable. Supplied within the bottom of the article is a backlink to your movie with drilling tips.


When thinking about the best bathtub protection deal with placement, take into consideration the next rules in relation to peak and position.

Revealed pointers for area installation counsel tub basic safety rails be put in between 33 and 35 inches within the flooring on the tub, and both horizontally or at 45 degree angle. These positions deliver the most beneficial assist to get a person hoping to receive in and out of a tub properly.

Equipment for Installing a bath Security Rail

Finding Wall Studs

The main thing you want to complete is find the wall studs which has a quality stud locator. Slide the stud locator horizontally over the wall. Every time a wall stud is situated the sensor will flash or beep. Mark this place and measure sixteen inches from this locale to find the subsequent stud.

Working with Proposed Drill Bits

It is suggested employing carbide-tipped masonry drill bits or diamond -tip drill bits when drilling into tile. The diamond-tip drill bits undoubtedly are a minimal additional high priced compared to the option having said that they are regarded to very last for a longer period.

Furthermore into the selected drill bit it can be vital that you preserve it lubricated while drilling, breaking by the tile and monotonous the hole. Water could be the most secure lubricant in order to avoid overheating and donning out. A hose method, an additional set of fingers, or pausing and spraying just the drill little bit can provide the wanted lubrication. Whichever lubricant procedure is selected, for basic safety explanations, it truly is imperative that you steer clear of drinking water receiving near the drill motor.

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